About Us

Anttention Media Limited is a film and television distribution company promoting healthy and wholesome entertainment. We create, aggregate, finance, take-to-market and distribute video content. Our work spans across media houses, production companies, online platforms, global and local content creators for all digital mediums and not limited to internet, television and visual applications.

We aim to inspire, motivate and represent a different kind of content. The type that uplifts and promotes good will whilst uplifting those who come in contact with it.

As a mission based company, we aim to celebrate our continent and the world at large by showcasing through our Online TV, Radio and Content distribution channels, the beauty around us. Join us on this exciting journey as we distribute authentic, educational, motivational and devotional oriented content.

CEO Measege

Thanks for visiting us. We are the Anttention Media Company. A digital content creation, publishing and distribution platform aimed at maximizing content revenue for you across the UAE, South Africa, Nigeria, and the United Kingdom.


We started off as a video marketing company but have gradually evolved into a digital content creation, publishing and distribution company since inception....
Read More With over 4,000 hours of viewing content and growing, we are poised to achieve more through our partnerships. Located in the United Kingdom, South Africa, The UAE and Nigeria.
our team is here to work with you and answer your questions. Do reach out to us on Skype for a direct conversation on “Media Enquiries” or send us an email at hello@anttention.com.

We are aimed at revolutionizing the way content is distributed and published across Africa using our online TV, Radio and content marketplace platforms.

Creating and distributing uplifting digital content.

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Services Offered

Licensing & Distribution

We partner with content creators and production houses to offer subscribers their content which can be distributed via set-top boxes, iOS and Android tablets and smart phones, PC or Mac computers, gaming consoles and connected Smart TVs.

Content Aggregation

Publishers (news agencies, pay-tv station and online platform owners) view and buy your content from our platform which has a growing catalogue base of over 4,000 hours.


We place your content where the right viewing-crowd who need it go to across varied platforms such as set-top boxes, smartphones, tablets, PC's, gaming consoles and all platforms.

Sponsor Management

We source and map relevant sponsorship opportunities to the right content.

How to Reach Us

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